Friday, March 23, 2018

10:00 AM:


Oatmeal with berries; coffee

Today was an oatmeal day.

12:29 PM:


Veggie-loaded egg bake; clementine; white cheddar Cheez-Its Grooves

What if I started a blog called “Ugly Lunches,” and just posted pictures of my ugly lunch every day? Would it be the most followed blog in the world?

2:38 PM:


Tall blonde flat white; extra hot

I’ve discovered that blonde roast is not the way to go in a flat white – it kinda tastes like nothing. Lesson learned. I order my drinks like I like my men: extra hot.

7:44 PM:


“Chocolate Hazelnut” (AKA Nutella) Oreo

Car snack! Car snack! Blurry picture of a car snack! RE: the Oreos…I have a bad habit of buying Oreos with the intention of eating like 2 or 3 of them, and then letting them sit in my snack cabinet for 6 months. Sometimes I can’t resist the bizarre/horrifying (or in this case, delicious) sounding flavors. Despite my total lack of self control in other areas of my life, I’m somehow capable of having Oreos and other similar snacks in the house without eating them all, but it’s pretty wasteful and dumb of me to do this. Jeff would eat the whole package, but he’s a very “out of sight, out of mind” kinda dude and if they’re in the cabinet, he generally won’t eat them. Anyway…these Oreos are freaking delicious, go get ’em while you can. I ate three of these at various points throughout the night.

8:51 PM:


Champagne cocktail – gin, champagne, elderflower liquor, and lemon

Jeff starts his new job Monday, so he’s down to the last few days of his vacation. To celebrate the end of his vacation/new start, we decided to spring for an Uber and go out for dinner and drinks (this is the same restaurant of the infamous burger incident). These cocktails were quite delicious, and I had two of them. Jeff, of course, drank Old Fashioneds.

9:16 PM:


BBQ Cobb salad with salmon

Man, I really have a knack for taking a beautifully composed dish, messing it the hell up, and THEN taking a picture of it. Sigh. This salad is SO SO good, and it’s what I typically order here – it normally comes with grilled chicken, but I get salmon instead. (also, note the bacon: Jeff had announced that he was going to forfeit the end of No Meat March, stating that he had done what he had set out to do – realized that too much red meat gives him stomach pains, but is fine in moderation. I ordered with this in mind, but last second he switched his order to a blackened catfish rueben, therefore not “breaking vedge.” So, once again, I failed to stick to No Meat March. Womp freaking womp.) This restaurant (Ulysses Gastropub for any locals) has great food in general and I should really branch out, but you’re familiar with my undying devotion to a huge salad.

9:49 PM:



I mean…if we’re going to pay $15 each way for an Uber to drive us 3 miles (why is it that when you’re in a city and take an Uber 3 miles it’s $5, but when you’re in the suburbs it’s $15?!), we might as well take advantage. Jeff switched to bourbon on the rocks at this point and was poured a comically huge portion, which is becoming somewhat of a theme with him.

11:21 PM:


Gin with key lime la croix

CHECK OUT MY REAL GLASS!! The things I do for you guys. Back home, I decided to pour myself one final cocktail…which ended up being a mistake, because I could barely keep my eyes open for Wild Wild Country (which is fascinating, and highly recommended). PS: The key lime La Croix is so not my jam. Which I should’ve realized seeing as I don’t really like key lime anything, but I bought it anyway. Typical me.




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