Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! You’re in for a day filled with…nothing having to do with St. Patrick’s Day whatsoever. Sorry to disappoint?

3:08 PM:


Bagel thin (THE LAST ONE) with cinnamon toast cream cheese; sea salt caramel bites; coffee

Yes, you read that right: the first meal I ate was after 3 PM today. Jeff left for Virginia this morning, and I found out shortly after waking up that today was not only St. Paddy’s Day, but also “National Sleep Day.” So I took a nap. As you do. After napping, I screwed around for a while doing god knows what, and then finally decided to start my day. I was pretty hungry by this time, so I polished off the last two Hail Merry’s bites, and then finished those damn bagel thins.

7:28 PM:


Petite vanilla bean scone; tall flat white

After managing to shower and get myself out of the house (you can congratulate me later), I set out to run a few errands. My eyebrows desperately needed some work (I tend to let them grow out until they’re pretty much beyond hope, then get them waxed even though I always say I’m going to let them grow), and I needed to run to Anthropologie. I recently bought two knobs for our nightstands on sale online, but when they arrived, I realized I actually needed four (they were replacing a pull, so there are two holes on each stand). By the time I realized my error, the knobs were out of stock online, so I headed over to my local store to see if they had any left. They had one, and I probably should’ve bought it and gone to the second closest store (at the mall) to check there, but I decided to just scrap the whole thing and buy different knobs elsewhere, figuring I can use the Anthro knobs on something else.

Anyway (you’re welcome for that fascinating knob story), when I walked in to Anthro, they had a little table set up with mini scones and some sort of beverage at the entrance. They looked delicious, and I decided to wait and grab one on my way out…but then by the time I left (I was only there for probably 10 minutes), they had taken the treats away. Womp womp. Of course, I was craving a scone now. My plan was to pick up Greek food from Zoe’s Kitchen on my way home, so I decided to pop into the Starbucks next door and get myself a petite vanilla bean scone, which is one of my favorite treats. Side note: I always forget how much more I typically enjoy unflavored drinks, especially flat whites. When we’re ordering drinks at work, my coworkers usually order fun sounding things and I always  get coffee FOMO and add some sort of flavor, but I really prefer plain drinks. STAY YOUR COURSE, RAUM!

9:08 PM:


“Power grain bowl” with harissa salmon and tzatziki; side baked falafel; side hummus (pita and side cucumbers not pictured); red wine of indiscriminate varietal

I had some housework to do when I got home, so I didn’t get to my Greek feast until after 9. I ordered a ton of food as I am wont to do, but pretty much only ate the salmon and tzatziki off of the bowl, one of the falafel balls, and about 3/4 of the hummus. I did, however, drink an entire bottle of wine…whoops!

1:53 AM:


I stayed up horrifyingly late watching movies and drinking wine, so of course I was craving something sweet by around 2 AM (and I had plans the next morning…ugh). I had originally planned to whip up a mug cake or something, but it got really late and that wasn’t happening. Instead, I went to my trusty Reese’s reserve that I kind of wish didn’t exist.

That’s it for this weekend – I had a lot of social stuff going on on Sunday, so I decided to take the day off. Suffice it to say I ate all of the terrible food, and then some more. I’m starting to feel like a real garbage person, so I’m going to reel it in for at least a little while going forward…luckily (?) I have this here blog to keep me accountable. We’ll see how it goes.

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