Thursday, March 15, 2018

9:49 AM:


Scrambled eggs with Frank’s Red Hot; breakfast potatoes; coffee

Cholula is still MIA. I’m thinking about starting a protest. Thoughts and prayers, please.

1:00 PM:


Salmon with cheesy mashed white beans and kale; clementine

I was a little nervous about reheating this salmon, but it was still delish! And it somehow didn’t stink up the entire kitchen, which I was having a mild panic attack about.

2:06 PM:


Tall flat white with one pump peppermint; apple cinnamon flapjacks

We hadn’t done a Starbucks run in a while, and we were due. I still have flapjacks sitting around, and they’re finally starting to lose their freshness…it was a good run.

7:11 PM:


…guess what this is.

I know, I know…the same meal twice in one day. Booo-ring. I don’t want to let this salmon hang out in the fridge for too long though, and I really hate letting it go to waste. Jeff had the last of the curried lentil soup, by the way.

10:00 PM:


Chocolate stout cupcakes with whiskey ganache and Irish cream frosting

You can guess which popular, yet wildly offensively named St. Patty’s Day drink these cupcakes are modeled after. 🙂 I make these every year at Jeff’s insistence, and of course I had to sample one to make sure they passed my quality standards (heh heh)! I split a cupcake with Jeff, but to be fair I ate my fair share of raw cake batter and cupcake innards (these are hollowed out and filled with ganache). I’d write these up, but I just follow Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe to a tee – you can check it out here.



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