Tuesday, March 13, 2018

9:50 AM:


Apple cobbler with vanilla yogurt and a spoonful of granola; coffee

The office cafe had this delicious looking “apple cobbler” this morning, so obviously I went for it. I added a scoop of vanilla yogurt to make it feel more acceptable for breakfast (don’t question my faulty logic here), and threw on a spoonful of granola for good measure. It was really more like a smashed-up apple pie than a cobbler, but no complaints here – it hit the spot.

1:58 PM:


Dessert dips: edible cookie dough, funfetti dip, Reese’s cheesecake dip, assorted dippers

My food documenting track record isn’t looking so hot this week. Here’s the story: Jeff’s boss had a farewell lunch for him today, and was nice enough to invite me to tag along. I didn’t feel great about whipping out my phone to take a pic at a restaurant in front of Jeff’s boss and several of his co-workers who I had never met, so…I didn’t. For the record, I ate 1/2 of a grilled veggie sandwich and a few french fries. On top of that, we were having “dip day” in my neck of the office, and of course I forgot to photograph my initial dip plate I had nibbled on before leaving for “real” lunch – it included tiny servings of the Greek 7 layer dip I had made, guac, jalapeno corn dip, and various crackers/tortilla chips/pita chips (luckily for my poor, overfilled stomach, many of the dips contained meat, so I had to skip them). Then AFTER I returned from “real” lunch, I made myself a plate of dessert dips, which is what you see above.

7:46 PM:

Needless to say, I was pretty full for the rest of the afternoon, and well into the evening. Since it was Tuesday, I luckily didn’t have anything special planned for dinner, and decided not to make myself a “real” meal. Instead, I threw together a quick salad from the end of a bag of broccoli slaw, some radishes, 1/2 of a teeny tiny avocado, and a Persian cucumber, and dressed it with the juice of a lime, salt and a drizzle of olive oil. I also popped myself some popcorn, because #CantStopWontStop.

In interest of full disclosure, there might be additional lapses throughout the rest of the week – I have another (kind of) work related happy hour on Friday, and a birthday celebration with friends on Sunday (although those friends know about this blog, so I might be able to get away with snapping a few quick pics). I’ll do my best, but no promises!


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