Saturday, March 10, 2018

10:31 AM:


1/2 bagel thin with cinnamon toast cream cheese; apricot fruit-on-the-bottom Chobani with raspberries; coffee

I saw this cinnamon toast cream cheese at Wegman’s and it SCREAMED Jeffrey, so I picked some up for him. I’m really and truly kind of over these bagel thins, but I’m trying to get through them and I knew if I only ate yogurt for breakfast, I’d be hungry again in 20 minutes. Speaking of the yogurt…Fage is usually my preferred brand, but there was a deal on Ibotta that made this Chobani free, so I figured what the hell. I only grabbed one, because I knew I probably wouldn’t eat it otherwise.

12:58 PM:


Snap peas

I remembered I had these snap peas, so I threw a handful in a little bowl and munched on them while messing around online.

1:36 PM:


Salmon salad

Jeff decided to heat up some leftover veggie lasagna for lunch (I may be done with it, but there’s still some left…the rest is sadly probably going to be thrown away within the next day or so), so I decided to make myself a smaller version of the salad I made the other night. That cubed salmon looks gnarly, but I wanted to eat it cold and it didn’t want to flake…I promise it didn’t taste as gross as it looks. I also used Jeff’s pomegranate vinaigrette, because it was damn tasty.

3:32 PM:

On my way upstairs to put away laundry, I grabbed one of the Hail Merry’s salted caramel bites and a granola bar. I intended to take a shower after putting away the laundry, but I ended up taking a nap (THEN I showered). Whoops.

7:11 PM:


Latte with Bailey’s and butterscotch schnapps

I knew we’d be watching Saturday Night Live, and when I’ve spent all day laying around the house, sometimes I have trouble making it to the end. So, I decided lattes were in order. Jeff usually likes some sort of flavor in his latte, so I decided to add some booze to his…but then I felt left out so I put some in mine too. As you do.

8:07 PM:


Cape Route Cinsault

After my boozy latte, I figured I’d keep the party going with a glass of wine. I ended up finishing the bottle I had opened the previous night over the course of the evening.

8:33 PM:


Veggie wrap (mushrooms, grilled onions, green peppers, spinach, american cheese), tater tots with nacho cheese, one gnocchi with blush sauce

I was kinda over cooking on Saturday nights at this point, so I suggested we get takeout. By the way…you may be wondering why we’re such sad losers and literally never leave the house on weekends. So…here’s the deal. Up until…well, right before I started this blog, we had been following a Saturday evening routine of dinner and a movie almost every single week. But then when we went to do our taxes and pay off some bills, it led us to discuss the fact that we probably spend more money than is optimal/necessary, and realized we had been spending a ton of money on eating out (and movies). It wasn’t a dire situation, just more of a “oh damn, we didn’t realize how much money we’ve been spending on such & such” type thing. So we didn’t cut ourselves off from eating out (obviously, as evidenced by this blog) or even set a specific budget (which is clearly what we should do), but we agreed to tone it down a bit.

Anyway, now that we’ve spent the past several weekends staying in, I’m starting to go stir crazy. It’s really too cold to do much of anything outside (at least in my opinion), which only leaves doing things that involve spending money. That’s fine, and this is probably the last weekend we’ll spend totally homebound for a while, but I’m really looking forward to nicer weather so I can get out and spend time outdoors. I’m really looking forward to the pool opening (I go to the YMCA’s local pool, which is conveniently about a 5 minute drive from our house), but I have a while to go…for now, I’ll just settle on being able to go for some nice long walks/runs.

Anyhoo, Jeff had suggested we go see a movie, but I was feeling so blah and lazy by that point that I didn’t feel like leaving the house, so takeout it was. We always get a ton of food when we order takeout, and tonight was no exception. I ate half of my veggie wrap, a generous portion of tater tots, and a bite or two of Jeff’s gnocchi with blush sauce (which explains the single gnocchi in the shot, which Jeff thought was hilarious).


Garlic knot

Oh, whoops…I also ate a couple garlic knots over the course of the evening. They automatically come with pasta dishes and salads, but for some reason they had included two full orders of them in the bag (I think we ended up with something like 8 total, but we had only ordered one dish they’re supposed to be included with, and they normally only give you two). They must’ve had extra sitting around at the restaurant or something…no complaints here!






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