Friday, March 9, 2018

9:39 AM:


Scrambled eggs with Cholula; tater tots; coffee

Typical Friday breakfast for me – since I had eaten oatmeal almost every day this week, I decided to switch things up and get eggs (and tater tots, because Friday). This was the start to a very quiet day – very much the opposite of last Friday. The rest of the local part of my team was either out of office or working from home today, so I was all by myself…it was very peaceful, but I started to feel a bit crazy by the end of the day.

1:26 PM:


(Burnt-ass looking) veggie lasagna; orange; white cheddar Cheez-Its Grooves

Another day, another butt-ugly lunch. If this lasagna looks burned, that’s because it is – when I made it, it didn’t heat through for some reason (it was in the oven for over an hour, so I have no idea what happened – I think something funky happened with our oven). I ended up putting it back in after we ate the lukewarm lasagna for dinner, but then went to watch TV and forgot about it, so it got a bit crusty. It’s still yummy, though (shrug emoji).

2:35 PM:


Graze lemon drizzle flapjacks

Lemon-drizzle flapjacks, but against a floral background (AKA my laptop sleeve). I’m an *artist*.

3:32 PM:


Sour Patch Kids

These came in the infamous candy bag, and I’d been saving them for a rainy day. Today was actually quite sunny, so big fail there…but I was super bored, so there you have it. I ate about half this bag and saved the rest. (For an actual rainy day…?)

7:27 PM:


“Shamrock” latte

I decided to switch things up tonight and hit Wegman’s instead of my usual Trader Joe’s/Target combo. Wegman’s is my all-time favorite grocery store (growing up in Western New York, it was a childhood staple), and it’s a bit more expensive than Target, but with all the extra crap that ends up in my cart at Target, it ends up evening out, or even saving me money. Plus, I needed some stuff that I either couldn’t get at TJ’s or Target, or wouldn’t be as high quality (such as salmon and…I guess that’s it, but I digress).

Anyway, as is my routine at Target, I headed for the little coffee shop first thing when I arrived. I had been standing back, gazing at the menu for a minute or two when the sweet looking older lady behind the counter raised her eyebrows at me…and then I glanced over at the sign and realized they had closed over 15 minutes prior. D’oh! After being all “OHMYGODAREYOUCLOSEDI’MSOSORRY,” the saintly woman chuckled at me and asked what I wanted. I said something to the effect of “I was going to get a latte, but don’t worry about it, seriously!!” but she insisted on making me one anyway, saying that she just didn’t have regular coffee, and that a latte was no problem. I felt like a major ass, but ended up with this delightful “shamrock” latte (it had Irish cream and…maybe hazelnut?) Thanks, angel lady!

8:43 PM:


I mean…you can read the label. These are tasty little vegan cookie dough bites.

Car snack! Of course, I ended up wandering around Wegman’s far longer than necessary…welcome to 33, where wandering around a grocery store is the most thrilling pastime of all. It was getting pretty late by the time I returned to my car, so a little snack was in order. I had tried a different flavor of these little bites during our dairy-free January, and they’re the bomb – they taste kind of like coconut macaroons, but better somehow. They’re dairy-free and gluten-free, so if you’re into that kind of thing…thumbs up.

8:58 PM:



Finally, a proper pizza Friday! I told you guys it was a thing! As usual, I ate one slice while putting away groceries – I hate to let the pizza get cold, but I also can’t stand letting the groceries sit around while I eat, so I multitask. I’m very high-strung. Pre free pizza for a year, I’d eat multiple slices of pizza like a normal person, but since I eat pizza almost every week, I usually keep it to one. I eat it frequently enough that it doesn’t feel as much like a special treat anymore, and I’ll often supplement it with salad or some kind of veggie (not tonight, though). I also always eat at least one of Jeff’s “pizza bones” (his crust), and we feed the rest to Grooby (Jeff usually eats 3 or so slices). I’d also generally prefer pepperoni pizza, but…no meat March. Sometimes I’ll get broccoli and spinach on my half, but I was in the mood for plain cheese tonight.

9:11 PM:


Snap peas

These came in my Hungry Harvest box, and once I sampled one, I couldn’t stop munching on them. As much as I love vegetables, I’m (sadly) not much of a “snack on raw veggies” type of gal, but these are like candy.

9:40 PM:


Red wine – Cape Route Cinsault, to be exact.

I typically follow Pizza Friday with a glass – or two, or three – of wine. I opened this bottle from my stash (I have a monthly wine subscription and receive 4 bottles each month, so I’ve grown a collection over time), and it’s super tasty. I had two glasses while watching TV.

11:52 PM:


Jeni’s Brown Butter Almond Brittle ice cream

After all that fake ice cream I’ve been buying, I decided I needed a real, high-quality ice cream fix. Wegman’s carries a few premium brands (in addition to this, I also grabbed a pint of Graeter’s black cherry fudge chip for Jeff), so after much deliberation, I selected this Brown Butter Almond Brittle from Jeni’s, and it did not disappoint. As is my MO, I ate one bite before bed.


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