Wednesday, March 8, 2018

Snow day! I worked from home today, which means some blessed variety in my daily meals.

11:56 AM:


Bagel thin with fried egg, pepperjack thin slice, 1/2 a Teeny Tiny Avocado, and Cholula; coffee

When I work from home, I tend to work from my bed until the very last second possible (meaning, my laptop is about to die or I’m about to pass out from hunger). Today was no exception, and I didn’t end up making my way downstairs until around 11:30.

3:22 PM:


Veggie lasagna

I ate breakfast so late that I almost made it through the day without eating lunch at all, but by 3:30 or so I was pretty hungry. I knew dinner would be a little on the late side since I planned on showering and putting away laundry after I was done working (as much as I love to stay in my PJs all day, I feel a little gross after a full day of lounging around in sweats), so I decided to heat up what would’ve been my lunch had I gone into the office. I got to use an actual plate though, so bonus!

5:03 PM:


Cinnamon roll Poptart

Jeff (who was also “working” from home today) started to get hungry around 5 or so, and went in search of a snack knowing we wouldn’t be having dinner for another couple hours. We happened to have these Poptarts in the house – definitely not something we normally have laying around (unfortunately – I freaking love Poptarts), but he had purchased them as part of a joke (it’s a long, not that funny story). I’ve been able to resist them, but every time Jeff eats one, I obviously have to snag a bite or three. By the way – these are almost exactly the same as the brown sugar and cinnamon flavor, but with less icing?? I mean, they’re delicious…but it feels like kind of a rip-off.

7:27 PM:


Reese’s Cluster

During the process of making dinner, I unearthed these Reese’s Clusters I had bought at some point during the holiday season. They’re kind of like a cross between a Reese’s Cup and a turtle – it’s peanut butter, caramel, and peanuts covered in chocolate. I remember not being very impressed with them at the time, but I thought it was pretty darn tasty tonight (how can you go wrong with that combo, really).

8:24 PM:


Broccoli & cheese stuffed spaghetti squash

Here’s the deal with this dish: this cheesy, broccoli filled spaghetti squash is one of my all-time favorite meals, and I had every intention of writing up the recipe when I set out to make this. BUT! When I went to start preparing dinner, I discovered I was missing some of the normal ingredients I use for this (I usually also add spinach, and the sauce is normally made with parmesan cheese, neither of which I had today). Due to the lack of parmesan, I had to improvise with extra other types of cheese and some additional stuff (sour cream and chicken stock, among other things). Don’t get me wrong, this was still quite delicious and there were no complaints, but it wasn’t quite as good – or as healthy, due to the extra cheese and sour cream, and lack of spinach – as normal.

So why don’t I just write the recipe up as I’d normally make it? Great question – the answer is that I don’t really know exactly how I do normally make it. It’s one of those things where I’m throwing this and that in, but it always ends up coming out almost exactly the same somehow. So! I’m just going to wait until the next time I make this to write the recipe up. I make it pretty frequently, so it shouldn’t be too long.

Oh, and by the way – I always serve this in the hollowed-out spaghetti squash shell, so it looks like a HUGE serving…and it is, but I usually eat about 1/2 this portion (which, again, is really still a ton of food) and save the rest for lunch the next day. Spaghetti squash is the best, you guys.

9:03 PM:


Banana “shamrock shake”

For dessert, I decided to try making healthy “shamrock shakes” by blending frozen banana with peppermint extract and coconut almond milk. I also added a dash of cocoa powder, because just banana with peppermint extract sounded weird despite all of the recipes gushing about how closely this resembles the real deal. The lighting in this pic is awful, but this “shake” was actually quite green. It was…kinda weird, not gonna lie. Not gross by any means, and it definitely tasted mint-y, but for some reason the mint-y flavor came across as almost boozy, and I swear it tasted like there was vodka in it. I’d say it was due to the extract, but I really only added a tiny bit, so it’s not like I dumped a bunch of alcohol in there. All in all, not bad…but we’ll definitely be partaking in the real deal sometime soon.

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