Tuesday, March 6, 2018

9:54 AM:


Oatmeal with berries & granola; coffee

Oatmeal is so good on a cold day.

12:25 PM:


Veggie lasagna; clementine; Cheez-Its Ridges white cheddar

Fun fact (write this down): I ate lunch exactly one minute earlier today than yesterday.

3:21 PM:


Nature Valley almond butter layered bar or whatever it’s called

No flapjacks today! Flapjacks: I’ll be sad when I’m all out, but I’ll be happy to not have to type “flapjacks” anymore.

5:29 PM:


I predicted this thing would be gross. I wasn’t wrong.

I’m not sure why I was still hanging around the office at 5:29 PM to the point where I decided I needed a snack…oh, yes I do. I had a meeting run late and didn’t get back to my desk until…5:29 PM, apparently. I had a little work to finish up but I was starting to get hungry, so I guess I decided a huge LifeSavers Gummy Saver would satisfy my appetite until dinner. (??) This thing came in that candy bag, I was kind of dreading eating it because it looked gross, and well…I mean, I didn’t gag or anything, but it wasn’t great. Why do these exist?

7:50 PM:


Oreo Thin Bites – fudge-dipped mint

Keeping with the theme of dumb snacks…Jeff had come home before Quizzo to go to the gym, and had bought himself an Apple Watch earlier in the day. I had arrived home later than normal and got distracted playing with Jeff’s new Apple Watch, so I didn’t start making myself dinner until way later than I normally would, and I was getting pretty dang hungry (I guess that big-ass Lifesaver didn’t do the trick). To hold myself over, I grabbed this bag of Oreo Thins, which are delicious, and I wanted them gone (they’d been sitting in our snack cabinet for like a month). There were about five left in the bag, and I polished them off. They taste like Thin Mints. Mmm.

8:01 PM:


Quinoa Cowboy Burger on multigrain sandwich thin with pickles, one thin slice pepperjack, 1/2 a Teeny Tiny Avocado (this is a real thing Trader Joe’s sells), and Cholula; 15 lbs roasted asparagus

You guys, I eat a LOT of vegetables. It was my normal solo Tuesday, so I whipped up the usual (the quinoa burger). I had a bunch of asparagus left from my last Hungry Harvest that was starting to get a bit limp, so I roasted it up with some olive oil, salt, and pepper and ate literally the whole bunch. I don’t mess around when it comes to vegetables. In case you were wondering (you weren’t) (but maybe you were), my pee is VERY fragrant currently. I really know how to build a readership, huh?

10:03 PM:


Chocolate peanut butter banana “n’ice cream” (I hate that, and that’s the last you’ll hear me call it that) with toffee bits and bittersweet chocolate chips

I do this thing when I’m home alone where I call my mom and somehow end up talking to her for 3-4 hours and don’t notice that I’ve spent literally the entire evening on the phone. I was a little hungry by the time I hung up, and was planning on staying up a bit late (a snow day was predicted for the next day, so we decided to work from home which means I get to sleep in), so I made myself some banana ice cream. I’m sure you’re familiar by now, but if you’re not, welcome to heaven. All you do is take a frozen banana and blend it (this particular go-round I added a spoonful of peanut butter and a dash of cocoa power) until creamy, and you have a seriously delicious frozen treat. I had the end of a bag of chocolate chips sitting around so I tossed that in, and I discovered some toffee bits from my Christmas baking extravaganza so I threw a few of those on there too.


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