Saturday, March 3, 2018

11:33 AM:


Bagel thin with cream cheese and Everything But The Bagel (henceforth known as EBTB) seasoning; clementine; coffee

I decided to make a concentrated effort to eat more throughout the day this weekend to prevent getting super hungry and stuffing my face with whatever garbage is closest, so I ate a slightly larger than normal breakfast. Off to a good (albeit not super healthy, but what are you gonna do?) start!

2:21 PM:


Fruity Pebbles treat

Since these were still hanging around from the previous night, of course Jeff & I munched on them throughout the day – for full transparency, I ate the equivalent of at least one and a half normal sized squares throughout the course of the day, but I didn’t take a pic each time I grabbed a piece (to everyone’s relief, I’m sure).

2:33 PM:


Black bean “tacos”: two small flour tortillas spread with refried black beans, topped with avocado, sour cream, Cholula, and cilantro

Look at me, eating a full lunch on a Saturday! I’m so proud of me! I still had a bunch of refried black beans and half an avocado left from my potato tacos, so I decided to throw together another quick taco type thing. These were actually quite delicious, and they took maybe 5 minutes tops to assemble. Plus they kept me from wasting half an avocado, which makes me want to cry. Success!

6:11 PM:



I made myself a latte while putting dinner together – no fun story here.

8:16 PM:


Veggie lasagna

Cooking dinner on Saturdays is a new and unusual thing for me, but it’s been a weird month. Since we ate out on Wednesday and we’d be eating garbage for dinner the following night (Oscars pajama party!), I decided it would be in our best interests to eat something with at least a modicum of nutritional value tonight. Plus, if I didn’t make dinner, I wouldn’t have anything to eat for lunch this week. That said, it was a weekend, so I wanted to make something at least a little fun and indulgent. This veggie lasagna seemed like a good compromise.

This looks…not great, but it was pretty tasty (despite accidentally buying no boil noodles instead of the real deal). It was basically just regular meatless lasagna with less layers of pasta, adding spinach and mushrooms to bulk it up. I may or may not write the recipe up – it was pretty good, but it’s not something I’d probably add to our regular rotation (lasagna’s definitely not an everyday sort of meal around here).

9:27 PM:


Nature Valley Almond Butter Layered Bar

I debated opening a bottle of wine while we watched Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (gotta get those Oscar noms in – by the way, we both agreed that this movie was phenomenal), but since I drank on Wednesday and I knew I’d be drinking a ton of bubbly on Sunday, I decided to skip it and instead grabbed this snack bar from a box I had impulse bought earlier in the week. I’ve been surprised in the past with how delicious Nature Valley’s almond butter snacks are (these, in particular), and these bars were no exception – super chewy and not too sweet, with a good amount of saltiness. Not too shabby for a crappy processed treat (not that I’m above crappy processed treats, by any means – clearly)!

1:18 AM:


A bite each of Ben & Jerry’s PB Dough and Milk and Cookies

Late night snack attack! After finishing SNL, I snagged a bite each of these ice creams before heading to bed.


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