Thursday, March 1, 2018

Phew, sorry for the delay here – it’s been a day. Here we go – first (official) Meat-Free March day!

9:43 AM:


Vanilla yogurt with berries, granola, and toasted coconut ; coffee

Same breakfast as yesterday, different container. I was battling a bit of an upset tummy due to the previous night’s burgerpalooza, and yogurt sounded soothing.

12:34 PM:


You know the drill.

This is a delectable goose breast with a mushroom duxelle and quince jelly. Just kidding, it’s eggplant parm with lentil pasta (I’m FINALLY out).

1:20 PM:



The first of many snacks today, I wolfed this clementine down about an hour after lunch.

2:14 PM:


Graze lemon drizzle flapjacks

At least I arranged them differently than the last two days…guys, I’m trying.

3:32 PM:


Fun-sized peppermint patty

A huge water main burst right outside of our building (it was pretty crazy to watch…I saw a traffic light get blown straight off the line due to the force of the water), so we couldn’t drink the water from our kitchen. I had already filled a bottle before this happened, but once I ran out I was too lazy to venture to a vending machine, so my mouth felt yucky by mid-afternoon. I ate this peppermint patty from my appreciation candy stash for a little freshness.

4:32 PM:


Another clementine

I started to feel rumbly in my tumbly by late afternoon, but what luck! I had another clementine.



Naner chunk

I was peeling and breaking up some bananas to freeze for banana ice cream, and I ate a piece. Cool story.

7:47 PM:


Spiced potato tacos with refried black beans, avocado, and sour cream

These were supposed to be sweet potato tacos inspired by Deb Perelman’s Instagram stories, but when I pulled out my sweet potatoes, they had gone moldy. Luckily, I had a little stash of red potatoes from my last Hungry Harvest shipment, so I just subbed them out. These ended up pretty darn tasty, albeit not super healthy (my intentions were good!), so I’ll be posting the recipe soon…it’s actually more of a non-recipe, but I want to jot something down so I remember these.

9:08 PM:


Apple with Trader Joe’s smooth salted almond butter

Another night, another apple with almond butter shared with my boo and my boy dog. Goodnight!

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