Sunday, February 26, 2018

12:59 PM:


Fried egg with pepperjack on whole wheat toast; coffee

I didn’t get around to eating anything until well into lunchtime on Sunday. Jeff had brought home another freaking delicious sandwich from Dunkin (this time it was maple-chipotle bacon with egg & cheese on an english muffin), and after sampling a bite I was craving a breakfast sandwich with the fury of 1,000 suns. This was no maple-chipotle bacon sammy, but it was tasty enough. (Dunkin is KILLING the specialty bacon game, somehow!)

3:02 PM:


Noosa honey yogurt with pretzels, peanuts, and dark chocolate

I was determined not to wait until I was hangry to eat throughout the day today, so I reached for a snack a couple hours after “breakfast.” (I guess it was more like brunch, if anything.) My intention was to eat half of this container of yogurt, but it wasn’t realistically enough for two servings and I couldn’t get the lid to fit tightly enough to save it in the fridge, so I ended up eating the whole container. Noosa is the BOMB, by the way.

4:40 PM:


Peppermint latte

The day somehow got away from me (mostly just getting this guy up to date), and I hadn’t really moved from my seat at the kitchen island by almost 5 PM. I decided to make myself a latte with my handy Nespresso machine before showering and making dinner, and added some peppermint syrup we had left over from Christmas time. The syrup is never quite mint-y enough for me though, so I added a dash of peppermint extract…and by “dash,” I actually mean enough to clear out my sinuses for the next month. I only drank about half of this since I ruined it by adding all the peppermint extract in the state of Delaware…lesson learned?

7:08 PM:


The rest of my honey-chipotle salmon filet from Friday’s salad

As per exactly always, I was super hungry by the time I was ready to start dinner, so I ate the rest of Friday’s salmon filet straight out of the fridge, cold.

7:44 PM:


Mozzarella cheese (I only ate one of those half pieces)

This isn’t really noteable, but I ate about half a chunk of mozzarella while I was preparing dinner. Who cares, but I did say I was going to log EVERY SINGLE THING I eat, so…

8:31 PM:


Baked eggplant parmesan; lentil pasta with Rao’s arrabbiata sauce

Kind of a late dinner tonight, but a tasty one nonetheless! I had an eggplant from my Hungry Harvest delivery…not something I’d normally reach for at the store, but it provided me with the perfect excuse to make eggplant parmesan. I hate frying things at home (AGHHHHH THE MESS), so I found this baked version with panko and I honestly couldn’t detect a huge difference – I mean, you’re piling a ton of cheese and sauce on top of the eggplant. And I have a ton of leftovers for lunches throughout the week (prepare yourself for a boring lunch week, ha)! This recipe’s a keeper, so I’ll be posting it at some point this week – stay tuned.

9:42 PM:


Reese’s peanut butter cup; clementine

Fun fact about me: I’m physically incapable of watching TV for more than an hour without eating a snack. Jeff and I split a pack of peanut butter cups (I have a whole multipack left over from some baking endeavor), and I also ate a clementine to feel like the delicate beacon of health I am.

11:21 PM:


One bite Ben & Jerrys PB Dough ice cream

Remember how I said I eat my ice cream one bite at a time? Yeeeeeahhhh…




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