Saturday, February 24, 2018

Phew, finally getting caught up! I’m liking the time labels a lot more, so I’m sticking with that. Here we go!

11:57 AM:


1/2 bagel thin with whipped cream cheese and Everything But the Bagel seasoning; clementine; coffee

Another late breakfast today…I eat my bagel thin and coffee while working on this very blog, then head to the gym.

1:27 PM:


Two Graze apple cinnamon flapjacks, coffee

Oops, I lied: I ate this little snack before leaving for the YMCA. At this point, I have to admit I’m getting a bit ridiculous…no way in HELL would I have put these dumb little things on a plate if I didn’t know I’d be posting them on here. To be fair, I just used my plate from breakfast (so I didn’t dirty another plate for this), but it still looks pretty stupid. Anyway, this was the rest of the pack of flapjacks from the other day when I ate one with breakfast (by the way – a “flapjack” is just what Graze calls their granola bars. I don’t know why…I think they’re a British company). And check out that rare second cup of coffee!

4:29 PM:


Avocado toast on whole wheat bread with Persian cucumbers, radishes, and Everything But the Bagel seasoning (that’s getting annoying to type out)

I feel the need to pause here to discuss my terrible time/hunger management on weekends. It starts with breakfast: as much as I love to EAT a full breakfast, I don’t love COOKING a full breakfast (it feels like a bit much to dirty and wash dishes more than once a day), so I usually end up eating something pre-packaged or quick, like these bagel thins I’ve been working through or some Greek yogurt. This fills me up for a little while, but I tend to under-eat for breakfast on weekends. But then, I also tend to completely skip lunch (partially because I eat breakfast so late, partially because I’m usually in the middle of doing something during the time I’d normally eat lunch). I almost always go to the gym on weekends (not because I’m particularly great about fitness, more because if I don’t go to the gym I get bored mid-afternoon and go stir crazy), so having a basically empty stomach is bad news. I’ll often snack, but rarely on anything substantial, which means I’m rocking borderline low blood sugar all day most weekends.

So anyway: of course I was blacking out with hunger rage by the time I was done at the gym, and needed to eat something, STAT! I almost stopped into a local coffee shop that makes really great avocado toast, but then I remembered I had half an avocado leftover from the previous night’s salad, and no plans to use it, so I decided to make my own avocado toast in interest of rescuing the avocado. (Way to be responsible, me!)

6:32 PM:


Broccoli, pesto, and mozzarella hoagie; french fries

We typically go out to eat or get takeout on Saturday nights, but I hadn’t cooked an actual meal for both of us since Monday night, and we’ve been talking about how we should start being a little more fiscally responsible when it comes to food, so I decided to make our own takeout style meal at home. These sandwiches were one of the Blue Apron menu choices for this week – I didn’t order from Blue Apron this week, but since I’m a subscriber, I have access to all of their recipes online. These looked pretty tasty, so I decided to whip them up using my own ingredients…and they were, in fact, pretty tasty. Since I wanted it to feel a little more “takeout-like,” I rounded out the meal with some frozen fast-food style fries…which turned out shockingly crispy and very yummy, even though I made them in the oven (they really were that strangely yellow, too – that wasn’t from me turning the saturation on the photo up to a million, although it does look that way).

7:45 PM:


Gin with Simply Balanced tropical cherry sparkling water and lime

I don’t know why I feel the need to defend myself so strongly, but I really don’t normally drink EVERY SINGLE NIGHT…Saturday night calls for a cocktail, though, so a cocktail I had. It’s in the tumblr because I really dislike holding a freezing cold glass, especially on cold nights. I had two of these over the course of the evening.

9:47 PM


I mean…it’s Cheez-Its. You can see that. Hi, Grooby.

Jeff and I were both a little hungry again by mid-evening, so I whipped out the Cheez-Its while we watched a movie (The House, in case you were wondering…it was surprisingly pretty funny).

1:01 AM


Blossom-less peanut butter blossom

Hahahaha, what a sad picture. This was another cookie out of my frozen Christmas cookie stash (which I really should probably throw away)…it WAS a peanut butter blossom, but the Hershey’s Kiss fell out. Again, this was eaten seconds before bed, which is why the picture was awkwardly taken in the sitting room off of our bedroom. By the way…if you’re not in the habit of eating frozen cookies, I highly recommend it. As they thaw, they get nice and chewy, but keep their structure. They’re also good in the microwave for 10 seconds or so, but I almost prefer them frozen solid.

And we’re up to date! Next week will be much more normal…actually, I don’t have anything at all going on outside of the usual work week, so it’ll be as normal a week as any. Maybe we’ll even get into some actual recipes next week! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.






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