February 21, 2018 (NYC Special!)

Hamilton day!!!!



Dunkin Donuts maple-pepper bacon sandwich on everything bagel


Cold brew with nonfat milk

We decided to take the train to Manhattan (which is generally the easiest way to get to Manhattan from the Philly area), but instead of leaving from Wilmington (where we live), we decided to catch the train from Hamilton Station in New Jersey about an hour away – aside from being very occasion-appropriate, the tickets were significantly cheaper and it’d give us a chance to sing along to the Hamilton soundtrack on the way (as you do). The show was a 2:00 matinee, so we needed to leave pretty early to make the train (which is about an hour and a half trip) and grabbed breakfast on the road. Jeff is a MAJOR Dunkin addict, so I decided to just grab breakfast from there despite not being a huge fan myself. This turned out to be a good choice, because that sandwich was delicious. Go forth and get that maple bacon while you can!! It was unseasonably, eerily warm that day (I’m talking, I checked the temperature after leaving the show and it was 77 degrees in late February in Manhattan), so I opted for a cold brew instead of my usual hot coffee. I actually usually drink hot coffee in the morning even in the summer, but there’s something about a warm day in the middle of winter that makes cold brew feel like a special treat.

Intermission cocktail (not pictured):

Uh oh, I’m already forgetting to take pics. They were selling insanely overpriced Hamilton-themed cocktails in souvenir glasses at the theater, so obviously I had to get one. Sadly, I don’t remember the cute name they were calling it, but it was basically a Tom Collins. Jeff got TWO cocktails, so we now have three souvenir plastic glasses that will sit in a cupboard for years to come.


Adult sippy cup



Pretzels with beer cheese and mustard; Pomegranate french 75


Southwestern farro bowl with avocado

For an early dinner, we went to a restaurant in midtown that had been recommended to me by a few people: Lilly’s Victorian Establishment. The decor was VERY Victorian – opulent gilding everywhere; floral dishes; separate cold and hot faucets in the restrooms. It was a pretty cool place, and the food was decent (except for the “beer cheese,” which was almost kind of sour). Apparently they’re known for brunch, but we were there more around happy hour. I wish I had taken more pictures of the interior of the restaurant, but alas, I suck at life. I had two of those cocktails, by the way.



Chocolate frosted donut

Ha, a donut on the train. We had contemplated dessert at the restaurant, but they were out of almost literally every item on the dessert menu (at like 6:00…?), so we decided to skip it. I still wanted something sweet though, and being that we were in midtown Manhattan and almost everything we walked past was either some type of chain or mobbed (or both), nothing really jumped out at me on the way back to Penn Station…so I got a donut at the Dunkin in the train station. I was full from dinner and honestly didn’t really even want it, but I ate it anyway. As you do.

We went to bed as soon as we got home (once you figure in all the travel time, it was after 10 by the time we arrived), so that was it! Looking back on this day it really doesn’t look like I ate much, but that huge sandwich from breakfast and multiple cocktails (plus all the carbs from the bagel and those soft pretzels…and the donut) left me full for pretty much the whole day.

Day 3, coming up! Maybe on a slight delay, though – I’m gonna run to the gym, so I may postpone additional posting until tomorrow depending on what we end up doing tonight. Stay tuned!

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